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Quikly Makes Digital Business Identity Stand Out!

QUIKLY offers to create and customize your digital business cards that can be shared with anyone, near or far. Quikly originated from Photofit, used to create any number of business identities with different information on each.

Nowadays, being digital is good for both the networking and environment. Quikly cards are the foremost need of professionals. Quikly is one of the most customized and quickest business card creator apps. You can easily download it from the App Store and create your card in a few minutes. You can do it yourself - It’s easy, elegant, and free!

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Quikly Card Benefits

If you meet your prospective customers (one-to-one meeting), or you do telephonic conversations to market and sell your products or services, then the Quikly Card will help convey your message more strategically.

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How It Works

Three-Step Process


Create Your Card

Design Business Card with Quikly in 2 Minutes


Save to your Device

Access Quikly Card Anytime from Anywhere


Share With Others

Distribute Card Through Variety of Channels


Try-On Different Templates with Live Preview

Fair & Reasonable Price

Our Cost-Effective Products

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Offer Desirable Benefits

Quikly offers the best deal to create a desired digital business card to make a good impression on others. Also providing numerous benefits, as follows:

  • Explain Your Services with Images
  • Select Desired Theme & Layout
  • Add Social Media Links
  • Include Order Page & Payment Options
  • Add/Edit Your Company Details
  • Preview Your Card


Create Now
  • Numerous Card Designs
  • Social Media Links
  • Share Cards with Anyone
  • Update Card Anytime
  • Ecommerce Online Store
  • Add Logo or Profile Photo
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